Baby Technology, Is It Safe?

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It’s a known fact that first time parents need help and many can agree that when their first baby comes along they have no idea what they’re doing. If you’re lucky, you’ll have mom around to help you out and help you sleep, which is so important. Now there are many products that can help first time mother’s sleep better and monitor their child’s movements, sleeping pattern, and track everything in real time through an app in their smartphone, but is it safe?ThinkstockPhotos-460687989

The age of technology and ease has forced many parents to jump on the technology bandwagon because it makes life so much easier! There are onesies that have embedded sensors into the fabric; these Bluetooth devices transmit the data to an app. Now you can track if your baby turns, if he rolls over, and when he’s awake. Parents can track how many hours the baby sleeps and when, so they’re able to sleep better themselves without having to worry about the baby as much.

There are also smart diapers, which are disposable diapers that have a chemically treated tab on the front that changes color based on the bacteria, electrolyte, and pH levels of the baby’s urine. Parents can virtually connect the diapers to their smartphones and help identify health issues like urinary tract infections or even diabetes.

There are also high tech baby monitors with video that track every move your baby makes, there’s pacifiers that show your baby’s temperature, and even a self-warming baby bottle. It’s amazing how far technology has come and the advances in baby technology.


Common Sense Media reports that 38% of babies under the age of 2 are using tablets or smartphones. Not much is know about the neurological and cognitive impact on a child’s brain, and experts say that less or no exposure to technology is recommended for children 24 months and under.

Yet, there’s no research that points to the negative effects of technology, it’s just too new. Development experts argue that learning for children under 2 comes from the relationships they form with their parents. One thing both technology and development experts can agree on is that you should not replace technology with spending the quality time and dedication that your new baby needs. Use these devices to your advantage, but pay attention to the details and don’t replace that one-on-one time with a device.

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