Can You Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Being diagnosed with cancer is extremely difficult and we never think we are exposed or that it can happen to us until it happens. We often relate cancer to older people, but actually, cancer has nothing to do with age. For instance, prostate cancer is often related to old men, but there are lots of young men who can suffer from it too, that’s why it’s good to do everything you can to diminish your chances from getting it.prostate cancer

According to, the function of the prostate is to produce male hormones as well as some components of the seminal fluid. Prostate disorders usually occur in men older than 50 due to the increased incidence of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. However, prostate problems can occur at a younger age. There are different causes for this type of cancer, but a high percentage is related to genes. This makes it even harder to fight cancer and to prevent it, but here we have some tips to help you if you run the risk of developing it:

Control your daily quantity of dairy and calcium. Consuming an excessive amount of dairy and calcium is especially harmful if you’re at risk of cancer. Milk products may cause a small increase in the risk of prostate cancer.


Watch your vitamins. According to, the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT) found that vitamin E  supplements increase the risk of prostate cancer. The risk continued even after the men stopped taking vitamin E. So, make sure the vitamins you get come from fruits and veggies, and if you take additional vitamins, make sure you’re taking the ones you really need.