Could You Go a Day Without Moisturizing?

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Do you ever wonder why people look so young have beautiful skin, and very few wrinkles? It’s not luck and it’s not all about having good genes. Moisturizing does wonders and you have to start early!

How early? It starts with your parents when you’re a baby because yes-even babies have dry skin. Many Latina moms are adamant about moisturizing and they encourage their children, especially as teens to start using moisturizer because that’s when they start developing acne. While water and a healthy diet plays a big part on your skin, it’s important to help out your skin and keep it moisturized.

One of the things that people don’t realize is that your skin communicates with you. In the winter your skin dries out and you can develop patches of dry skin and it hurts! This is your skin screaming that it needs to be moisturized. Same thing goes for chapped lips, dry hands, and dry legs and feet.