Foods That Help Reduce Symptoms of Colds & Flu (besides chicken soup)

Flu season is here and everywhere you look there is someone coughing, sneezing, or missing because they are sick at home with the cold or flu. Medicine can help get rid of the virus, but food also plays a big part in how quickly you recover. Move over chicken soup and orange juice, there are new cold and flu fighters that help to reduce symptoms and speed recovery. Dr. Tania Elliott, CMO of EHE, the leader in preventive medicine, shares foods to eat when suffering from a cold or flu.

“There are a variety of foods that research has shown can help with cold and flu symptoms,” said Dr. Elliott. “Depending on the illness, certain foods can be powerful agents in reducing discomfort and help to shorten the duration.”woman with cold or flu

Below are Dr. Elliott’s recommended foods to eat when suffering from a cold or flu.


Stuffy noses are often caused by inflammation of the sinuses as well as mucus build up. Turmeric has natural anti-inflammation properties that can help reduce the swelling in the nasal cavity. Add the turmeric to hot water with lemon or even warmed almond milk.


Salmon is chocked full of Omega 3s and is anti-inflammatory to help with swollen sinuses. Salmon also contains important minerals and vitamins such as vitamin D, which plays a role in immune function.


Popsicles made with natural fruit juices are great to rehydrate the body during an illness. Popsicles also help to alleviate sore throat pain. “Make sure to choose only ones that are made with natural juices as artificial ingredients and refined sugars can prevent the body’s ability to fight the infection,” says Dr. Elliott.