Salma Does NOT Wash Her Face, Should You?

Many celebrities endorse beauty products and we rush to the store to get them because we also want beautiful skin. Salma Hayek is famous and living the life with her billionaire husband first in France and now in England. She’s picked up some European beauty tips, such as the benefits of not washing your face in the morning. It seems to be working for her because the Mexican actress is almost 50 and her skin looks amazing!


What’s her beauty regimen? She cleans her face at night, takes off her makeup and puts on moisturizer, and in the morning she just splashes her face with water and adds more moisturizer. It’s that simple.


There are many face washes in the market that contain tons of chemicals that promise to zap away acne and give you radiant skin. But, over cleansing is one of the biggest mistakes women make. What most of us don’t realize is that your oily or dry skin doesn’t come from the fancy moisturizer you use, it helps, but the moisture comes from inside your body.