Gina Rodriguez’s Favorite Dish Is Shrimp Mofongo With A Stella Artois

They say that celebrities are just like us and when it comes to Latinos, good food always brings family and friends under one roof. That is the case for Gina Rodriguez who teamed up with Stella Artois to celebrate her housewarming party.

The 33-year-old recently bought her first home in Los Angeles and partnered up with Stella Artois to celebrate this momentous occasion, which of course it included good food and dancing! “Traditions in my household are good food and dancing,” says the Jane the Virgin actress to Latina. “My parents always told stories and jokes and had everyone laughing and smiling. We played games at family reunions, Loteria (Latino bingo), blackjack/poker or charades. Our tradition is to make people feel like family. So that’s what I do.”

Her favorite dish to cook is mofongo with shrimp, which pairs well with Stella Artois. “Any kind of Mofongo but my personal must-have is shrimp mofongo. Stella Artois goes well with seafood. But also with chicken. It’s a light beer so pairing it with heavy things like tacos (I know not Puerto Rican but Latino none the less!) helps lighten the meal for me. I like it.”She Even shares a recipe for a cider mule:

Gina’s Stella Artois Cidre Mule

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