How Sheila E. Overcame Being Raped, Molested, & Being Bullied By Men

Sexual abuse is devastating at any age, but for Sheila E. it was difficult to comprehend because she was raped when she was just 5 years old by her babysitter.

“I was raped at the age of five by a babysitter. That was devastating for me,” said Sheila E. to Latina. To make matters worse, she was molested a couple of years later, when she was still a young girl. “I didn’t want to be who I was. I wanted to change,” she adds.

The musician from New Power Generation is the daughter of percussionist Pete Escovedo, her godfather was the late Tito Puente, and dated the late Prince.

sheila e.

In 1991 she suffered a collapsed lung, which caused her legs to give out and become semi-paralyzed, something that crushed her physically and emotionally because she was the beautiful high-energy drummer rocking out in high heels.