Eat More Spicy Salsa…It's Good For You!

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My father has a saying: If it’s not spicy it doesn’t have any flavor. For many Hispanics this is the case, they like their food to be spicy and to have an extra kick. Some of the most popular peppers are jalapeños, habaneros, serranos, poblanos, sweet peppers, yellow peppers, and the list goes on. Now when you go to the grocery store you can find a variety of different types of peppers and even salsas, both fresh and dry.


There’s no doubt that Hispanics love peppers, but did you also know they were good for you?

They are packed with vitamins, fiber and nutrients, plus they could help you lose weight!


They contain vitamin C and if you have an iron deficiency, they are a great source for maximum absorption.
You can burn more calories because they can activate thermogenesis and increase your metabolic rate because they contain capsaicin, which makes us sweat also increases your metabolism.
Peppers also lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
Great form of antioxidants which helps protect you from certain types of cancers, like breast cancer.
Help you sleep easier by increasing the quality of sleep.
They fight off inflammation and are good for your joints.

So next time you’re eating dinner, make sure you don’t forget to make some salsa, the spicier the better.

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