11 Things You Never Knew to Ask Your Gyno About Cervical Cancer

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Do you know someone who has had breast cancer? Chances are you can name one — or more — friend, relative or co-worker without giving the question too much thought. However, if I were asking about cervical cancer instead, you might need a little more time to think, and even then you may find yourself unable to call anyone to mind. But just because this gynecologic cancer occurs less frequently doesn’t mean it’s less deadly.

In fact, cervical cancer was once the No. 1 leading cause of cancer death for women in the US. What’s worse? The disease is almost 100 percent preventable. This fact is especially chilling for Latinas, who have the highest incidence of cervical cancer and the second-highest death rate from the disease. But how can we even know what to ask our gynos about cervical cancer if we have such a little understanding of it? In honor of National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, here are some questions (and answers!) you never really knew to ask your gyno about this gynecologic disease.