Get Rid of the Double-Chin!

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Selfies–we’re no models, but we do enjoy the compliments on Social Media when we upload a great selfie. One of the biggest things people complain about when taking their selfies is the highlight of the double chin. It seems to stick out more than usual when you focus on your face. Having a double chin doesn’t mean you’re fat or old, especially if it runs in the family. There are several things you can try to get rid of that pesky double chin we all hate.


Exercise: Stand in a position where you’re comfortable and your head is in a natural position. Pull your chin up to the point where you feel your muscles tense and stretch. Hold the position and count to ten. Relax. Begin with two or three of these in a session and build up to ten in one session. Repeat the sessions two or three times throughout your day. Check out the video below!

Changing your diet: Eat less red meat and more low fat meat like chicken and turkey. Also, avoid butter or use a butter substitute like vegetable oil when you prepare your meals. Drink more water because that helps your skin look hydrated and keeps it from sagging.



Medicine: The FDA has recently given ATX-101 the green light, which is an injectable drug that dissolves the double chin. The drug includes deoxycholic acid that can be injected under the chin to dissolve the fat.

Check out this video for double-chin exercises!

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