Tips To Eliminate Soda From Your Diet

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When one of my cousins visited from Mexico I noticed that every time we went out to eat she would order water. She gave up soda because as a runner she felt like soda would weigh her down. Soda can be addicting, you crave the bubbly and before you know it you’re gaining weight if you drink it regularly and don’t exercise. I admire my cousin for taking the initiative to stop drinking sugary drinks, not to mention the health benefits she gets from taking this step.


For starters drinking two cans or soda can add 20-30 pounds of fat per year. On average, each can of soda, Coke, for example has 140 calories, if you drink a 20-ounce, that’s 240 calories. It would take you five miles of walking or an hour of jogging to burn off that 20-ounce bottle. That’s a lot of work for a glass of soda. Plus drinking too much liquid sugar can increase your risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.