Salvation Army Uses The Dress to Bring Light to Domestic Violence

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The Salvation Army in South Africa took advantage of the popularity of the dress that went viral this week. The now infamous blue and black or white and gold dress was used in an ad campaign that read: Why Is It So Hard To See Black and Blue. It pictures a woman wearing the dress as well as bruises all over her body. The ad lists below that 1 in 6 women are victims of abuse, but for Latino women, those numbers are much worst with 1 in 3 women having experienced some form of physical violence by a partner.


Unfortunately many of these women take the abuse from their partners due to fear or in many cases because of their children. They would rather take the abuse from their partners, than have their children suffer from a broken home.

One study found that about half of Latinas never reported the abuse to authorities. Unfortunately when they do this, it creates an illusion that these services are not needed in their communities. Services are removed and the women don’t receive the help that they need.


There are many different ways that women are abused. Some may be verbally abused, or told that they’re worthless. Some partners are very jealous and don’t want their woman to have a social life, no friends, no interaction with her family. Keeping you locked up in the house, preventing you from working or going outside. Many threaten them, or threaten to harm their children, and hit them or take advantage of them sexually.

If you’re a victim of domestic violence, the first thing you need to do is call the police or if you’re scared, get help at a local women’s shelter. If you are hurt, go to the hospital, when you are there they will ask you how you got hurt and will protect you. All hospitals have social workers that can help get you the resources you need.

Tell your loved ones, family members that care about you, if they truly love you, they will help you escape from the torture of physical abuse. Don’t risk your life, but do come up with a potential plan of escape where you and your children won’t be harmed. Once all of that is taken care of you can get a protective order that will prevent your abuser from getting close. If you are a victim, call the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

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