Beauty in a Pill?

In many Latin American countries, you can go to your local pharmacy and you can get a vaccine of vitamin C. This is very common when people have a cold or need an immune system boost. Unfortunately, we don’t have it that easy in the U.S. and everything is regulated by our government.

For example, when women find out that they’re pregnant, the first thing their doctor recommends is prenatal vitamins. These vitamins are packed with Folic Acid and all the vitamins a baby needs to grow healthy inside their womb. Yet, after they give birth they stop taking them. They benefit from having beautiful skin and luscious long hair and nails. If supplements are good for you and your baby, why would you stop taking them?


One of the interesting things about supplements is that there’s a supplement for almost anything. Your joints hurt, you take calcium and vitamin D capsules. You can find organic supplements and vitamins for children and adults as gummies or capsules. The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate any of these supplements, which is why you should always make sure you buy from a reputable business and also check with your doctor prior to taking these.