“ICU Grandpa” Spends His Free Time Giving Cuddles To Preemies

Most people are excited, yet scared about retiring because they think about what they’re going to spend their free time doing. David Deuthcman decided to put his free time to good use and volunteers at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where he spends his time giving away free hugs and cuddles to premature babies.ICU grandpa

The hospital shared a video of David where he is singing a song to a newborn baby as he cuddles him. He goes by the name of ICU grandpa, and his new job is visiting the pediatric wing of the hospital cuddling babies of parents that can’t be with them during the day because of work or other responsibilities.

Hopefully more retired volunteers will follow in his footsteps to share their time at hospitals where there’s always a need for volunteers in a number of roles.