Build Muscle With Mother’s Breast Milk?

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Breast milk is the best of nutrition for a new baby. It contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes necessary for a child’s growth. Due to it’s rich content, there are several milk banks in the U.S. that sell breast milk. Breast milk has been known to benefit a variety of illnesses, including ear infections, clogged tear ducts, congestion, and much more. Now bodybuilders believe breast milk has benefits for adults in helping them build muscle.


This is a growing trend and many are convinced that milk from a human is better for your muscles than milk from a cow. Body builders that use breast milk claim that it gives them incredible energy that they can’t get from food or energy drinks. This is especially popular from those that don’t want to use steroids and for those that want a natural muscle-building supplement.


Online breast milk banks pay about $5 an ounce for breast milk and many women are making up to $1,200 a month for selling their breast milk. These banks were designed for mother’s who aren’t able to produce breast milk for their newborn. There are several banks that screen clients and milk producers, but there are many online banks that allow mothers and potential customers to manage the transactions of mother’s liquid gold and that’s when issues arise.

There are risks because you’re on the honor system, you don’t know the medical background of the donor, you don’t know if the mother pumping the milk has been on any drugs or if there are any diseases in the milk. Breast milk can transmit diseases like herpes or HIV. Since it’s a fluid and not a drug, it’s not regulated by the FDA and they recommend that people buy it from approved milk banks, which often costs more, but lessen the dangers.

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