Four Different Types of Shampoo Your Hair Needs

One of the biggest mistakes women make is to over shampoo their hair, but did you know that you need 4 different shampoos? We spoke to Miguel Martinez, owner of MHair Design, which is a Paul Mitchell Salon and he assures us that women are not shampooing their hair correctly.shampoo aisle

“One of the biggest mistakes women make is that they buy the incorrect shampoo for their type of hair,” explains Martinez. Women that dye their hair often have chemicals added to their hair, which is why he recommends that his clients use 4 different types of shampoos:

Deep conditioning shampoo- Use every 2 months to deep clean their hair.
Hydrating shampoo-To help hair look shiny and free of split ends.
Color protection shampoo-Makes sure your dye lasts longer.
Everyday shampoo- Everyday shampoo for your specific hair type.

The best way to know what your hair needs is to talk to your stylist. They will be able to make the best recommendations for your specific hair type. In addition to those 4 shampoos, he also recommends conditioner, hydrating oil to use on wet hair, and heat protection spray.