Belly Dance Your Cellulite Away!

One of the best ways to work out is dancing! Not everyone enjoys going to run, cycling or going to the gym, but there is no need for it. Dancing is a great way to introduce some exercise in our day-to-day busy lives and it has more benefits than you can imagine. Furthermore, there are tons of different dances you can practice, you can choose between hip-hop, Zumba, or even ballet! All of them can help strengthen your body and muscles, but our favorite one is belly dancing and these are the reasons why we love it so much:


Better digestion. Moving the abdominal helps strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and abdominal area and that helps the digestive system do its work better and quicker! It can also help if you suffer from constipation.belly dancing

Reduces back pain. Belly dancing is all about moving your hips, back and arms, that means that you will feel your muscles stronger from the very first class! As a result, your back position will be better and your back muscles will be more in shape. It is great for people spending lots of hours sitting in the office and who suffer from back pain.

Fights menstrual cramps. Belly dancing improves blood circulation and, as said before, strengths the pelvis region, that way you will notice how your menstrual cramps disappear once you start practicing this dance.