113-Year-Old Man Says These 5 Foods Keep Him Alive

Meet Bernando LaPallo.  He is 113 years old as of August 17th, 2014 with the body of an 80 year old. He has never been sick a day in his life, goes for a walk every morning and eats mostly organic fruits and vegetables. He has a recipe for longevity that he learned from his father, who was a doctor who lived to be 98.

According to his website, Bernando feels better than ever. “I feel great,” he says. “I feel wonderful. It’s all about obedience and moderation. That’s the story. The key to my success has been obedience and moderation. I have been doing everything my daddy told me to do all these years. Obedience is the key. Moderation is the back up.”
On his 110th birthday, a local news station did a story on Bernando and he revealed the top five foods that have kept him alive this long:

1. Garlic