Zoe Saldana's Slim Post-baby Body at the Oscar's

Just three months ago, the beautiful Zoe Saldana gave birth to her twin boys Cy and Bowie and she’s already back in the spotlight at the Oscar’s. She wore a gorgeous Atelier Versace dress that hugged her curves in just the right places. The 36-year-old Dominican-Puerto Rican actress was a presenter at the Oscar’s strutting down the red carpet, making us forget she has two babies at home.


Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Saldana credits her slim down to breastfeeding, eating very healthy, and changing up your work-out. Saldana enjoys doing Pilates and trains with celebrity trainer, Steve Moyer, who is responsible for toning her upper-body. Her upper-body work out consists of 10-15 repetitions of the following:

Plank Push-Ups: Get into a push-up position, with your hands right under the shoulders, with good posture and make sure your body is aligned. Then  go down on your elbow and get into a plank, then go back into a push up position.


Resistance Band Pulls: With a resistance band, first stretch out at arms-length, then stretch out your arms across your chest, keep your elbows locked and hold that position for a couple of seconds.

Dumbbell Curl and Press: Start with 3 to 5 lb dumbbells at your sides then bring your arms up at your shoulders and press up to the sky and keep your elbows by your side.

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Check out the Tyler Moyer Method, Zoe Saldana uses right here!