The Truth About Malnutrition Among Latinos

In Latin American countries there are many problems of malnutrition, but people are not aware of them because they have a misconception of malnutrition. When we think about nutrition the first thing that comes to our mind is a person who is extremely thin, but malnutrition is much more than that.obese and skinny woman

Having malnutrition is defined as having a lack of proper nutrition. There many types of malnutrition, but some of the ways that often get over looked include being obese or having a diet that does not provide enough vitamins or protein. 

According to, “several UN agencies warn that in Latin America they face a double burden of malnutrition: while 8.3% of Latin Americans suffer from hunger, the rate of obesity increases, reaching 23% of adults”. The UN also states that “while undernutrition undermines physical growth and impairs brain development, overweight and obesity can lead to non-communicable diseases such as type II diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.”