Lorde Was Sick, Which Is Why She Didn’t Sing At The VMA’s

Lorde was sick, but still performed at the VMA’s
Last night the MTV music awards took place and while everyone looked amazing on the red carpet there were a lot of surprises on stage. One of the weirdest moments of the night was Lorde’s performance, where she didn’t even bother singing and danced and galloped on stage. But still, everyone loved her dance routine. The 20-year-old was actually very sick from the flu, but she didn’t want to miss out from performing or disappoint her fans.

The singer knew that there was going to be a lot of talk about her performance, especially since she has such great vocals, which is why she decided to perform even though she felt sick. We could only imagine how much courage and strength that took.

Why did Lorde need an IV for the flu?
Normally, when someone has the flu they are told to drink plenty of fluids, water, tea, and chicken soup because when you have the flu you typically have a fever which can cause you to sweat and dehydrate. Other symptoms of the flu that dehydrate you are persistent diarrhea, vomiting, and frequent urination.