Too Skinny? Gain Weight!

Most people are anxious to lose weight and are constantly looking for diets and new forms of exercise to lose weight. Yet, there’s a small percentage of people, about 2% of the population, looking to gain weight. Genetics play a big role, but having a high metabolic rate is a factor. Illness, medicine, psychological issues can also be a factor, which is why it’s very important to consult to your doctor about issues with being underweight.


There are many health issues associated with being underweight, especially among children it’s important to monitor what they eat because they need nutrients to grow their bodies. In addition, the lack of nutrients can make people develop a weak immune system, so they have a difficulty fighting illnesses. Malnutrition can also be the reason you are thin and can lead to conditions like anemia, fertility issues, and even hair loss.


Healthy Ways To Gain Weight