Pains of Stress

At one point or another everyone faces some type of stress. A couple of years I lost my job and every night when I went to sleep I would lay there and my arms would start to hurt. It was an excruciating pain like if someone was pulling my arms out of the socket. I complained to my father and he said that nothing was wrong with me, that it was stress. I didn’t feel stressed and didn’t want to admit it, but after I heard him say that the pain went away.


Physical and Emotional Signs of Stress

Sometimes stress is emotional, but sometimes it comes in the form of pain. Unfortunately, when we are stressed we don’t want to admit that we need help and claim to have everything under control. Worrying about things and stressing out is not good for the mind or body. If you have pains you can’t quite put your finger on why– it might be stress-related:

Tired all the time