When I was younger I would visit my parent’s home at the ranch in Mexico. I remember the cactus, granada trees, and other crops that were available for you to take. The rule was that if you planted it, you could take and use as you pleased. When we visited grandma there, we were given grilled cactus or nopales with just salt.  For many years I have been eating these goey prickly nopales and I always knew that it was an acquired taste, but never knew they were so good for you.


Many of us don’t count calories and eat whatever we feel like. We know that if we eat vegetables, fruits, and protein, we’re good.  A lot of the food that we eat is processed and toxins are unavoidable.  Just like you clean a dirty house, detoxing your body is a must.  Your body has many ways it communicates your aches and pains. A lot of times we get acne or pains in our stomach, we get constipated, tired even after we drink coffee–those are all possible signs that you may need to detox your body.  Eating nopales could be the easiest way to detox your body and for just pennies a pound.


 Health benefits