Maite Perroni Uses This Vegetable To Keep Her Hair Hydrated

The former RBD singer, Maite Perroni is very busy these days acting, which is why when it comes to her hair, she likes to keep it simple. Like many of us that grew up with grandma close by, she too picked up a couple of beauty home remedies that she still does to this day.

“In reality, the only thing I do is dry my hair and sometimes not even with a hair dryer I just let it dry on its own,” says Perroni to People en Español. “I don’t add any chemicals at all. I don’t like sprays or gels, I don’t like any of that.” Perhaps that’s why her hair looks so healthy because she doesn’t oversaturate it with chemicals which often damage your hair.

On most days she just washes her hair and applies a hair treatment that helps keep her hair hydrated throughout the day. Her grandmother gave her a home remedy that she still uses to this day and it includes tomatoes.