Shampoo Ingredients That Could Be Damaging Your Hair

Latinas are known for beautiful long locks and are the envy of many. They take pride in their beautiful hair, which is why it’s important to take a closer look at what you’re putting on your hair. There are a variety of brands out there catering to color-treated hair, Keratin for straight hair, products that promise anti-breakage, and much more. Many commercials that we see on TV make us want to run out and buy their products because Sofia Vergara has shiny beautiful hair and we want hair just like hers. But wait, what is Polyethelyne Glycol?


Polyethelyne Glycol: This promises to thicken your hair, like Keratin, but instead it takes out the natural moisture your hair produces.

Formaldehyde: This is a controversial chemical that has been linked to cancer and might be the cause you’re losing your hair.

Lanolin: This promises extra moisture, it actually weighs your hair down and prevents your natural oils from your scalp to be absorbed by the hair.