Make Produce Last Longer

Fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet, some people like them raw, some steamed, some mixed with protein. Latinos often get creative with their recipes, trying to add fruits and vegetables from their native countries like yucca, plantains, avocados, hot peppers, and even fresh herbs. But, how do we make them last?


The sweeter the fruit or vegetable, the sooner you have to eat it. If you’re used to going grocery shopping over the weekend, plan ahead. Think about what you want to eat that week and buy in small quantities so you don’t let anything go to waste. If you buy strawberries because you want to have a strawberry smoothie, remember that strawberries are sweet and will only last 3 to 5 days before they start getting mushy and moldy.

Many people love guacamole and avocados, but if you live in a city where it’s cold, more than likely these avocados traveled far to get to your grocery store. The cold weather can make them turn black and the shipping will definitely have an effect on price when it’s out of season.