Take Advantage of All The Health Benefits of Ice Water


With the hot weather finally here, it’s important to keep constantly hydrated. While drinking cold water feels refreshing, there are many health benefits of using cold water in different ways. From ice baths to beauty hacks, here are some ways to use ice and ice water not just to cool off, but to improve your health.

Weight loss

Drinking ice cold water can help boost your metabolism. In addition to this, drinking one 16 ounce glass of water can burn up to 17 calories!

Cold Showers

Taking cold showers and lowering your thermostat can also help aid in developing a faster metabolism. It also improves circulation, relieves depression, burns fat, improves sleep, and even improves fertility in men. Plus it’s the easiest way to get rid of a fever.man licking ice

Masking Bitter Tastes

If you or a young one is required to take medicine that isn’t satisfying for the palate, try drinking ice cold water to temporarily numb the tongue and mask the taste of bitter medicines or foods.

Decrease Bruising

Using ice on a fresh bruise can help with decreasing the size and pain level of the bruise. The ice acts on the bruise by constricting the blood vessels, lessening the severity of the bruise and swelling.