A Selfie Helped This Woman Discover She Had Thyroid Cancer

We’re living in a generation where even the youngest child is ready to take a selfie on a moment’s notice, which is not entirely a bad thing. In the past, people have discovered health issues on photographs, which many times have been life-saving.  The same thing happened to actor and producer Lorna Nickson Brown whose mother noticed a lump on her neck in a selfie, which led her to visit her doctor and get it checked out. It turns out that this lump was thyroid cancer.


— lorna nickson brown (@LornaNBrown) March 1, 2017

Nickson was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2015 when she was just 26 years old. When she heard the news she was in shock because she was a perfectly healthy person. She was exhibiting a classic symptom of thyroid cancer, which was a lump on her neck. “I felt numb. I didn’t believe it because I felt so well. This isn’t what I thought cancer looked like,” she tells Indy 100.

selfieFortunately, she was able to get surgery and had the tumor removed. Nickson is now helping spread awareness and she has teamed up with Get-a-Head, a UK organization that supports people with head and neck diseases and cancers.