Bikettle: Cycling+Kettlebell= Massive Calorie Burn & Total Workout

Spinning is a hit sensation style of cardio that has been around since the 90’s and now a Chicago wellness guru has created Bikettle, which is a combination of cycling, but with the use of a kettlebell that provides a total body workout where you burn tons of calories.bikettle Chicago

Quentin Love is the philanthropist and wellness guru who created Bikettle. The sessions are led by trained instructors and unlike spinning, this workout is designed as a high-intensity total body workout that allows you to build muscle while burning calories. The workout is comprised of cycling on an indoor bike while incorporating synchronized upper arm workouts with a 5 to 10-pound kettlebell. By adding the kettlebell to spinning, this helps tone and strengthen your muscles. The class is aimed to help burn 600 to 1000 calories per session and it is meant for people of all ages and backgrounds. “When you leave the room, you’re totally transformed,” says Love.

When Love first moved to Chicago, the spinning classes he initially took were boring and he wanted a way to enhance the cycling experience. Love began teaching spin classes two years ago at a Xsport in Chicago. His classes were intense but showed amazing results in his students. He soon grew a loyal following through the class and decided to open his own studio.