Can You Get Heat Exhaustion By Not Wetting Your Head When Swimming?

Many people take advantage of the summer vacation to visit tropical places where the temperatures can reach over 100 degrees, but temperatures like these can put you at risk for heat exhaustion. One thing we have to remember when we travel is to keep hydrated at all times, including when you go swimming. ocean, Yucatan

On a recent visit to Yucatan, Mexico, the weather there was about 95 degrees with a heat index of about 108 degrees each day, so it was super hot and humid. People in Yucatan are used to the hot humid weather, but visitors need to be very careful about limiting the amount of time they’re outside because this is considered dangerous weather, especially if you’re not from there. Yucatan has beautiful beaches and gorgeous clear water from the Gulf of Mexico, it’s a great place to visit because it has a lot of fresh seafood, beautiful beaches, and tons of historical sites.

On one occasion, we visited the Zona Aqueológica de Dzibilchaltún, which have some beautiful ruins and a cenote or a natural well that is 144 feet deep. According to Mayan legends, bathing in a cenote is like bathing in the fountain of youth.  This location has several ruins that you can walk up to and even climb. When we arrived we had the idea that we wanted to go swimming inside the cenote, so upon arriving we changed into our bathing suits and checked in our stuff at the front desk, including water. We started walking towards the ruins and there was no shade. You felt the heat from the hot sun and with no water, it felt even worse. ruins, yucatan, merida