Scents With a Power to Heal

When looking for a new perfume you have a wide array of scents and many people buy perfumes with their nose because if it smells nice, then it’s worth the investment. Except most perfumes have a lot of added chemicals and alcohol, so they don’t do much more than smell nice. But what if that scent could do a lot more for your health? The fact is that there are many essential oils that can do so much more your health. If you love perfume and smelling good, then it might be a good idea to look into the health benefits of essential oils because they will not only make you smell good but also feel better on the inside.

To get the most out of essential oils, you may want to make the investment and get organic oils that are free of fillers, pesticides and synthetic chemicals. Look for words like “therapeutic grade” or “steam distilled” which will allow you reap the benefits.

Lavender: This is probably one of the best smelling essential oils. You can find it in a variety of perfumes, deodorizers, and even deodorants, it has a strong, but sweet smell, and it usually comes in a light purple color. This oil is known for its relaxation properties, including relieving PMS symptoms. It also decreases anxiety, insomnia, and migraine pain.lavender oil

Rosemary: You wouldn’t think of rosemary as an essential oil, especially since it’s so widely used in cooking. It’s known to enhance your brainpower, which can help you focus better, it boosts your energy and even lowers fatigue.