Skinny Rosé Cocktail Recipes For Your Backyard BBQ

With so many BBQ invites this summer, it’s a good thing to go with a plan in mind. Cocktails, especially mixed drinks can pack on the calories and can lead to a bloated belly and weight gain. This is why wine is your best friend when it comes to backyard BBQ’s. There are many ways to spruce up your BBQ, especially if you’re hosting and here are some fun ideas that are easy to make and delicious on a hot summer day!

Rosé With Frosty Berries

This recipe is great if you don’t have a wine fridge or enough space in your regular fridge to keep your wine bottles cool. Simply soak berries in rosé, or freeze the fruits and add them to your glasses of rosé that way you’ll have rosé infused berries that will act as ice cubes and keep your wine chilled.

rosé with berries