3 Things That Will Make Your Life Easier At The Gym

Fashion trends are very important in today’s day and age, including at the gym. The fitness industry has grown tremendously over the last couple of years because not only do people want trendy items to help them workout, but they also want things that have a better functionality.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. There are many expensive brands of yoga pants but when it comes to choosing the right pair, you have look inside of the tag for the ingredients that are going to work for you. Most yoga pants contain “Lycra” spandex or “Supplex” nylon, which have moisture wicking properties and retain their shape, but after you sweat in them they tend to retain smells. Cotton is great, but it tends to fade, which is why we recommend getting a cotton-synthetic blend, which has the moisture wicking and breathable properties of synthetics without the smell and they too retain their shape and allow you workout comfortably.

Portrait of a man tying shoelaces

Plastic Bottle

Men and women at the gym lately appear to have moved on from the classic water bottle at the gym. The latest trend is the shaker bottle, such as the Blender Bottle.  It is not only used for water, the shaker bottle has a metal ball inside with grooves that can break up whatever powder you put inside when shaken and mixed with water, from matcha tea to protein powder. The shaker bottle is a great way to mix up your protein or energy drink mix for before or after your workout. Shaker bottles come in all different colors and patterns and are a great way to be trendy and environmentally friendly.