Toe Slimming Surgery To Treat “Toe-besity”!

ShoesDo you feel like your feet look like they could use the South Beach Diet? You’re not alone. Many women have feet and toes that are chunky. Although mostly due to genetic reasons, some people are subject to foot swelling, which can be caused by many different factors from a diet high in salt and carbohydrates to the effects of pregnancy or PMS. Dr. Oliver Zong, Surgical Director of NYC FootCare says, “There was a time when there was little that could be done cosmetically to improve feet. Today, most problems of the feet can be corrected.”

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As cosmetic benefits of foot surgery are becoming more common place, more and more individuals with congenital foot disorders are also stepping forward to seek out the latest innovative corrective techniques. For those who suffer from overweight feet and toes and desire slimmer, more petite feet to accommodate their strappy stilettos, Dr. Oliver Zong introduces surgical options to get fat toes slim.

The Toe Tuck: The Toe Tuck involves surgery of the pinky toe to make the toe slimmer. Often painful, unsightly corns on the pinky toe are also removed. The Toe Tuck allows for a better fit into stylish shoes especially if your pinky toes tend to get cramped in shoes.