cococcino-latte-packIf you’re trying to keep dairy and gluten-free some treats are out, like yummy lattes. Not so fast, So Delicious Dairy Free makes an extensive line of dairy free products – frozen desserts, beverages, cultured products, coffee creamers and more.

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Soy has come to the rescue of those who suffer from varying degrees of sensitivity to dairy and animal-derived proteins. Beyond the practical and nutritional virtues of soy, it also happens to have a great flavor profile and texture similar to dairy milk ­ with none of the lactose or dairy allergy baggage.

We recently discovered So Delicious Dairy Free Cococcino Coconut Milk Iced Coffee – Latte and Mocha.

Available in Latte and Mocha, these brand new beverages are ideal for on-the-go coffee lovers looking for a quick, delicious and dairy-free way to enjoy their morning joe. Both flavors are USDA certified organic and made with Organic Fair Trade coffee. They come in 11-oz single serve and quart sized shelf stable packaging so they are an ideal grab-n-go drink that you can always have on hand.