Website Challenges Dominant Cultural Perspective on Childlessness

6 Steps for Meeting Mr. or Ms. Right and Finding Lasting LoveOur culture tells us that a real family includes children – and grandchildren, if at all possible.  A family of two adults devoted to each other is generally thought of a lesser family than one with children. Underpinning is the authentically held idea that non-parents are not to be viewed through a lens of judgment – but accepted as human beings on a different but categorically equal path.

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 Nina Steele, the architect of, pushes back against the pervasive idea that human beings are happier, more productive and serene when they walk through this life with children at their side: “At the core of all of us is the truth of who we really are, and what our purpose in life is, and having children is just one of life’s paths, not the only one.”

A non-parent who once believed that she wanted to have children, Nina Steele came to the realization that her joyful life with her husband – without children – is the life they were meant to live. Nina’s experiences have transformed her into a passionate advocate for change in the way childlessness is viewed in society, spurring her on to build an online space where others like her could find their voice.

A contributor using the name Moonlight has written about how she had once convinced herself that she should have a child, only to later realize that she was “caught up in wanting to fit in.” Like so many others, Moonlight is childless by choice but sometimes struggles with the loneliness of being treated as an outsider in a world seemingly filled with parents.

A second member who uses the name Holden describes himself as a “high-functioning autistic” and writes with poignancy about how he does not want to have children because he worries that they too will struggle with autism, something that he would not want for them.

Childless couples know that they are seen as outsiders by most parents – they are told so in countless ways.Nina Steele seeks to change how our culture sidelines the childless by speaking out about the potential joyfulness of being childless; shrugging off the idea that not giving birth to offspring is tragic or indicative of a broken life.