National Stroke Association Launches Minorities and Stroke Campaign

preventstrokes_554Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. and a leading cause of adult disability. Women, Hispanics and African-Americans in the U.S. have higher stroke risks and lower recognition of stroke warning signs compared to other populations.

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This May, during National Stroke Awareness Month, National Stroke Association’s Minorities and Stroke video infographic, available in English and Spanish, is designed to creatively educate the public about the risk of stroke and the need to act FAST, especially for women, Hispanics and African-Americans.

“It’s important that at-risk populations understand how to lower their risk for stroke,” said Sharon Januchowski, Executive Vice President at National Stroke Association. “Women, Hispanics and African-Americans need to be aware of the stroke warning signs and actively manage controllable risk factors.”