Make Acne Spots—Poof!—Disappear

clear clinic
As many as 50% of adult women in the US suffer from acne. Anyone who wakes up with a painful pimple or bothersome red spot knows that it’s hard to make it go away. And the problem may be in the way you’re treating it. This June, during Acne Awareness Month tell your red acne spots to scram—fast—with the popular new spot treatment from Clear Clinic Laboratories—Vanished.
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Vanished is the on-the-go, clear spot treatment quickly erases marks with potent acne-erasers menthol, glycolic and salicylic acids. Because it’s clear, you can apply it any time—whether you’re heading out or staying in. Toss it in your purse and apply it over or under makeup for fast touch-ups anywhere.

Clear Clinic Laboratories was developed by NYC-based revolutionary dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger, co-author of the book 100 Acne Tips & Solutions: The Clear Clinic Guide to Perfect Skin. In this everything guide to acne, Dr. Schweiger busts common acne myths, shares patient success stories, answers the top 100 questions about acne, and shares must-know tips to keep skin clear.

Vanished retails for $31.50 and can be purchased at