We Are Orgullosa Is Embracing The Diversity of Latina Beauty

The Latino community is extremely diverse, and while many think that the typical Latina has brown eyes and dark long hair–they’re wrong. A new initiative from Procter & Gamble called We Are Orgullosa is trying to break those misconceptions about Latina beauty and embracing the diversity of our culture. Latinas come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as beliefs and cultures, which is why it’s about time we break those stereotypes.

Emeraude Toubia from Shadow Hunters is Lebanese and Mexican, even though she was born in Canada, but grew up in Brownsville, Texas. “Latinas come in different body types, different hair color, different skin types, we’re multi-dimensional and not one size fits all,” she says to Wetpaint.

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Toubia was recently named one of People en Español’s Most Beautiful People which also embraces Latino beauty. “I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be too Latina because that could hurt my career, but some of the most powerful women embrace their culture, embrace their curves like JLO, Salma Hayek, and Sofia Vergara.”

This campaign aims to encourage Latinas to embrace and love who they are. “Growing up, I tried to look more Latina, and what that meant, like, I straightened my hair, put hair extensions to make it longer,” an Afro-Latina named Georgina Morillo shares in one of the campaign’s videos. “I wore three foundations that were three tones lighter than me.”

This initiative is helping young women understand that Latinas come in different colors and different skin complexions.

“Our program’s long-standing relationship and commitment to accurately portray Latinas starts with understanding their aspirations and motivations,” Brand Manager for Orgullosa, Courtney Tomljanovic, said in a statement. “We have created and fostered a one-of-a-kind forum for Latinas to share and discuss the proud journey of being a Latina in the U.S.”

Procter and Gamble encourage you to join the conversation on social media using #WeAreOrgullosa.