10 Ways Lack Of Sleep Can Hurt Your Child

Your little angel is asleep? There’s no denying that there’s a correlation between children’s behavior and the lack of sleep. Being groggy and all can affect a kid’s attitude and mental health. That’s why it’s imperative to let children sleep at specified time and intervals. Lack of sleep is bad enough for adults. But for children, it could be worse.


From tantrums and meltdowns to physical and mental health, the lack of sleep can send your little angel to a whirlwind of problems.

Why do children not want to go to bed? 

Do you wonder why what keeps them awake at night? Here are some reasons why your kid has not been getting any shuteye.

They are overtired. There’s a difference between being tired and super tired and unlike adults, when children are overtired, they throw tantrums and meltdowns rather than falling asleep.
Your child has a vivid imagination. Perhaps your kid wants to play, or think about what to do next instead of getting some shuteye. An overactive imagination can increase brain activity and keep him awake at night!
Don’t wanna miss a thing. Aerosmith might have a clue on this one because children do not want to miss a thing or any activity going on when he’s asleep!
Full dinner or snacks will keep him awake in the middle of the night. How is that possible? After eating a huge meal, your child will likely fall asleep as soon as he can. But will soon wake up and ask for some midnight snacks!
A troubled kid will likely stay up all night. Is this his first time sleeping alone? Does he want to sleep by your side? Will the shadows haunt him while he sleeps? Did he co-sleep with his mom before?

No matter the reason, you have to console your child to his slumber so that he can set his body clock to the right time to grow healthy and strong.