The New Anti-Oxidants You Need To Know

Ginkgo Fruit and Nut Forget traditional antioxidant sources like blueberries and açaí – New, proven antioxidants are emerging on the skin care scene, some with four times the antioxidant benefits of traditional Vitamin E. Ginkgo Nut, Mesima Mushroom, Bloodroot and Tiron are all topics of new studies, patents and products delivering a game-changing upgrade for the category.
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         Ginkgo Nut: Originally prescribed in The Donguibogam (17th century text of eastern medicine) for treatment of respiratory ailments, ginkgo nut is a small piece inside the ginkgo fruit that possesses concentrated antioxidant activity, rich in Vitamins C and E. Amarte has created and patented a ginkgo nut extract, now an INCI ingredient. Creating the extract is a painstaking process that takes four months at minimum, but the payoff is palpable. The extract has probable anti-inflammatory properties and aids fibroblast production of collagen and elastin. While a few other skin care products use ginkgo leaf extract, Amarte is unique in its incorporation of ginkgo nut extract within its products, including the Eyeconic Eye Cream and the forthcoming Ultra Veil Sunscreen and Aqua Cream.

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