Empowering Women To Heal Pain And End Shame From Sexual Abuse

Stephana JohnsonAward Winning Speaker and Women’s Empowerment Coach, Stephana Johnson, who is a Sexual Trauma and Abuse Specialist, announced a special live webinar to be held April 8th at 8pm EDT.
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This free event is for the one in three women who have suffered from sexual trauma. “Sadly, this is still the white elephant in the room no one is talking about.  However, more and more I’m seeing this as an underlying cause to tremendous health issues including stress, anxiety and depression,” says Stephana, who is providing this webinar as a way to empower women to understand that they are not alone, it’s not their fault and healing is possible.

Johnson empowers women to heal the pain, shame and blame that can go along with this type of abuse. Something she understands personally. “I lived in shame, fear and blamed myself for why it happened. That’s the dilemma, we don’t realize how the destructive patterns based on lies and betrayal can block our success and wellbeing even when the trauma had occurred many years ago,” says Stephana. “It can be holding women back who are otherwise capable and confident yet a silent and often buried piece gets triggered, causing great trouble in their relationships, with their health and we are even seeing this with their money and happiness as self-worth issues are predominant to this kind of abuse.”