How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows

Eyebrows have always been the center of attention of women’s beauty regimens. Most women, wax, pluck, thread, get implants, pencil them in, but the newest trend is flared thick eyebrows.  Just recently Belinda was on the red carpet with extra bushy eyebrows and her fans had mixed reviews, but thick bushy eyebrows are totally in this season and the bushier the better.BELINDA

How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows

Women have been plucking, tweezing, waxing, and threading their eyebrows to death for many years and it’s about time bushy eyebrows get the spotlight. Luckily, there are things you can do to make them grow bushier, thicker, and even darker.

Olive Oil: This oil is packed with vitamin E and it’s anti-microbial, which helps if you are losing eyebrow hair. Simply massage your eyebrows with olive oil for about 5 minutes each night. You can leave it on overnight and then remove the oil in the morning.

Aloe Vera: There are gels and lotions that include Aloe, but there’s nothing better than buying a piece of the plant and scraping off the gooey gel and applying it onto your eyebrows. It has proteins, amino acids, and vitamins that not only provide a deep nourishment but also thicker eyebrows. Leave for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off.thick eyebrows

Coconut Oil: This is a superfood that you can wear and eat because it’s packed with vitamins which are beneficial to your hair follicles and speeds up hair growth. Not only does it help you grow thicker eyebrows, but it also helps to darken them, which is an added bonus. Coat your eyebrows with a thin layer of coconut oil and rinse off the next morning.

Petroleum Jelly: Vaseline is not only good for super dry skin, but it’s a great way to hydrate your eyebrows and help increase growth. Coat your eyebrows with a thin layer of petroleum jelly and leave it on overnight and rinse in the morning.

Egg Yolk: Many people use eggs in their hair and face as part of their beauty regimen because eggs are a great source of protein and a great supplement for keratin, which is a protein that makes your hair silky. It helps grow fuller, healthier looking brows. Separate the egg yolk from the egg white and whisk the yolk until it’s thick and creamy, then apply on each brow and leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse off with water.