New Procedure To Remove Brain Tumor Linked to Hearing Loss

shahinian_SurgeryElizabeth Gitto, a 38-year-old, stay-at-home mom from Sherman Oaks, CA, is among the 3,000 Americans diagnosed each year with a little known brain tumor called an acoustic neuroma (AN) that sits near the nerve nearest the part of the brain that controls hearing.

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She suffered from intermittent hearing loss, ringing in the ears, vertigo, dizziness and headaches and it took doctors a year to finally discover the tumor. Her treatment options seemed limited and “truly scary” as removing the tumor is tricky and often results in patients losing their hearing.

She did her research, though, and uncovered studies conducted at the Skull Base Institute in LA that show patients undergoing the “keyhole” technique fared much better than their counterparts who underwent the traditional, invasive procedures favored by neurosurgeons.