Train Your Brain & Stop The Blues

the mood elevatorOver 9% of the US population is depressed, and depression is the second leading cause of disability, worldwide.

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A new product, The Mood Elevator, which includes a training method that has been shown to be 84% effective in relieving treatment-resistant depression.  A large scale study showed that this new brainwave biofeedback method took only six 20-minute sessions to improve scores on a depression measurement scale by over 50%, and that this improvement lasted for at least a year.  In fact, the results at follow-up were better than immediately after treatment.

The study of 184 patients was published in a refereed scientific publication, the Journal of NeuroTherapy, by Dallas psychiatrist and neurotherapist, Dr. Jonathan Walker. The paper states that “These results suggest that [this] training is more likely to significantly decrease depression in a sustained fashion in such patients than the following treatments: switching medications, psychotherapy, electroshock therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, LENS, vagus nerve stimulation, deep brain stimulation, or frontal alpha asymmetry training.”   The paper also reported that it was “not associated with any significant side effects or complications.”