Eugenio Derbez Is Helping Breakdown Stereotypes As A Latin Lover

Eugenio Derbez is a Latin lover and is bringing the stereotype to life in his new film with Salma Hayek called, How to Be a Latin Lover. The film is about an older playboy that is dumped by his wealthy wife and has to go out in the real world and get a job.

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He sat down with Remezcla to talk about the Latin lover stereotype. “I was really curious about this cliché that everyone has in the US. Every time I wore a suit or a tuxedo, every single Anglo was like, ‘Oh, you look like a Latin lover!’ I thought it was funny and that we should do something with that,” he says. “I think the best way to break down a stereotype is to poke fun at it. I decided to make this movie to break down the stereotype of the Latin lover by making fun of the character. I think it’s very original.”