Mayte Garcia Says That Being Married To Prince was Romantic & Magical

Prince and Fatherhood

We never spoke about children when we were dating and when he decided to propose and get married, we didn’t speak about it until the wedding night when he played let’s have a baby and I remember hearing it and saying, o.k. It was something…he liked children, but there weren’t any children around us, we didn’t have friends that had children or anything, but he went full-throttle, he wanted to be a father. From the nursery to the playground, there were so many things that he did that I didn’t expect and he was very excited.

Unimaginable Loss

I remember him trying to get my mind off of it [death of their child] by cracking jokes. It’s one of those situations where it’s out of your hands; you just have to have faith. I remember just waiting and waiting and the horrible moment that happened and it was just for a second. Then we just turned into mama bear and papa bear and we completely had this love for this soul and that love, it hasn’t died and it’s a beautiful…beautiful love.

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