Mayte Garcia Says That Being Married To Prince was Romantic & Magical

We lost Prince a year ago and fans, friends, and family have shared countless memories over the course of one year. Mayte Garcia, his first wife even wrote a book about their love story and their love was nothing short of pure and special as seen in this most recent video.


Beautiful Romance
I was 16 when we met and first, we became friends, then we became pen pals, then I sorta became his muse without knowing and then we fell in love and then we got married and it was a beautiful romance…I like to say fairytale because it was romantic and magical and unfortunately…it was a tragic ending, but the love is still there.

Influencing Prince

When I first met him I showed him all the videos of my dancing including ballet and dance, not just the belly dancing, but of course what intrigued him the most was the belly dancing and it was interesting because a couple of years later he would send me cassette tapes with music and I realized that he was putting those notes and rhythms into his music.

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Life After Marriage

When I got married, our honeymoon was a show. I thought we were going to go out and relax and it was cute because he was trying to keep me from seeing the posters of him playing—of us playing in Hawaii and I remember performing with him, but that was the last time and I soon got pregnant and I stopped dancing.