Kettlebell Workouts That Shred Ab Fat

The spring is here and the summer is only weeks away, which means you get to bare more skin. Lifting weights is a great way to tone your arms and legs, but did you know that by using a kettlebell, you can also tone your midsection? It helps sculpt, strengthen and gets your abs bikini ready in no time.

One arm lift from a squat position

This position is a calorie guzzler since it burns as many as 20 calories per minute, that’s as much as a six-minute run! From a quarter-squat position, work the kettlebell from the floor and raise it over your head as you are squatting. Do as many as you can for an entire minute. Make sure you engage your back, butt, hamstrings, and calves. This works your chest, shoulders, arms, and abs.kettlebell squat

Sit and press

This exercise can be done standing or laying on your back. When laying down on your mat, lay on your back, folding your knees up, and from a laid position, you sit up and raise the kettlebell over your head. This helps tighten your core more than just doing a sit-up. This exercise is great to tone your abs and trim that excess fat that is so hard to get rid of in a shorter period of time.